Alyson is a unique soul who craves deeper connection with the people and the world around her, and she tries to achieve that through art. She's fascinated by the meaning of life and death, aliens and faraway galaxies, magic, intellect, art that stops you in your tracks, food that makes you salivate, favorite scents, and the curiosities that keep us thinking late into the night. She's not all "woo-woo", though. When not acting, Alyson loves to read books, cook food she's not allergic to, learn new languages, and dance to K-pop.

In past roles, Alyson has played an idealistic yet deeply conflicted individual in a dismal universe (Wordsmith), a lonely girl finding love in an unusual way (Donut Shoppe Rendezvous), a quirky stranger (Recurring Concha), a mysterious and free-spirited girl raised in the wild (Wild Life), and a zealous woman stuck in limbo (Seep).